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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Creating the perfect client relationship – Forint Ltd

Forint Ltd was founded in September 2019 because I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to how services and solutions are planned, implemented, maintained and through-life supported.

I had seen great planned and implemented solutions before, but the through life management of these solutions for was either, not managed sufficiently, or was not supported in its entirety.

In particular:

  • Clients were reaching out to multiple vendors, as they were unsure of who to speak to, the solution to take and the partner to choose to implement a technology solution.

  • Clients were misperceived and unsure of the direction to take in order to accelerate business growth.

  • Clients were interacting with a wide audience of service suppliers to provide cost analysis against a known requirement, just to get the cheapest quote (and potentially worst service)

It is not uncommon that the client was even fully cognisant of the problem that they had to the full extent either and therefore, were unable to fully achieve the aim and release the company from the pain that they faced initially.

This is exactly the reason why I have created our newest and most exciting offering to date.

The Forint Unified Support Strategy will provision you with a single approach to the delivery of services and solutions to you and further, to your end clients (where required), with a trusted partner who can support your mission statement along the organisational journey, with clarity and a clearly defined road-map of success.

Forint Ltd are so excited to have created this through life support capability, which will support you through a clearly defined journey, of which will identify the requirements, capture the pain points and provide solutions which will enhance the ongoing organisational business functions and provide you with directly capability support from Day 1 onward, increasing the capability throughout the life-cycle of programme. Thereby, increasing business performance, organisational reputation and change in revenue streams as a direct output of the changes incorporated.

Our revolutionary solution can be adapted to meet the needs of all of our clients and will be able to directly incorporate into the working processes of each organisation with little to no disturbance to the working practices already incorporated into the businesses.

As this solution is ground-breaking in the approach to which it can be employed within, the verticals in which it can affect and the delivery timescales it can achieve, there is an element of time importance placed upon the on-boarding of Forint into your organisation.

We guarantee to release your organisational pain within our sector of expertise, improve your working processes through the utilisation of skilled personnel to undertake your shortfalls in technology solutions and provide a road-map of success for your organisational needs. All this with a single Trusted relationship.

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