Gain deeper awareness into your security gaps, before cybercriminals have the chance to steal from you.

Stolen user credentials (emails and passwords) found on the Dark Web can indicate that your company or a 3rd party application or website that your employees use has been compromised, so you can take immediate action. Cybercriminals traffic and buy stolen credentials so they can infiltrate your networks to steal your data. By monitoring the Dark Web for threat intelligence about stolen user data associated with your company’s domains, you can be alerted when a compromise is detected, then respond to stop a potentially costly and widespread data breach.

Domain and Targeted Email Monitoring

Your executives and administrative users often have greater access to systems, information, and sensitive data. If their personal email credentials are compromised, the attacker may be able to use social engineering to trick other employees into giving them access to corporate systems or reuse the same user credentials to gain access to them. Therefore, it’s important to monitor the personal email addresses of your executive and administrative users, in addition to their corporate email accounts.

Extend your Security to the Supply Chain

Some cyberattacks against your company will come from exposures involving third-party vendors in your supply chain. Interwoven systems of vendors and partners present security risks as data is shared across networks.


The growing need for cyber supply chain risk management has prompted forward-thinking organizations to add Dark Web monitoring to vendor due diligence.

Holistic Visibilty

By adding Dark Web monitoring to your security strategy, you will gain a more complete picture of your company’s security posture.


Additionally, you will also have an early warning mechanism before a breach can occur, with invaluable data analytics to evaluate where employees may need security awareness training or where identification of where multi-factor authentication and single sign-would provide a more favourable option.